August 11, 2008

56: Something

Something to update? Too many in minds I kept typing and deleting for the past ten minutes. Ok, ok this time, I'll delete no more.

Let's start from here. Here I am, in Level 16, Tower 1, PETRONAS Twin Tower, doing my internship at PETRONAS Carigali. And I'm writing this entry becoz my boss and managers were not around today plus I felt like coming back to myself today.The old me is coming. Haha.

The first thing I wanna say about doing internship here is that, who in the world yg cakap intern kat KLCC keje fotostat je? The past 2 months was damn busy and sometimes I even dont have time to grab lunch! Except for the first week, every weeks was full of activities such as seminars, in-house training, equipment test at factory, vendor presentation and etc. Not including the 2-day workshop organized by our department and I was one of the committee members.

Enough to say, my internship days are so colourful I always pray that the time wont go so fast.

Story more on my experiences later.

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