July 29, 2007

24: The Best KL's Moment Ever

Last Friday and Saturday, I'd had the best time ever in KL. I've been hanging out around KL since I'm 17 and sometimes I felt myself as part of it. Even I never spent so much time at my hometown,Muar as I did to KL.(yela,apa yang ada kat Muar kan..pekan kecil yang aman damai,indah dan permai). Yet, Muar is still the best place to settle down a family and live happily ever after~ (and Terengganu too~!) Ok2, forget about Muar and Terengganu. Let's focus on KL the best place for shopping spree.Hehe.

So on that Friday, 27.07.2007 (a beautiful date,kan?) off we went to KL with Filzah as the driver's of her Najah (blue satria) and me as co-pilot and Syaza,Tim and Shima as the 'penceria keadaan'.Hehe.The main purpose of me coming to KL all the way from Tronoh is to watch my abah's convocation day, must be the most precious day of his life. And for me myself, it was so great a day and it was damn much more than just watching my dad on stage receiving his holy certificate. There was a feeling that's hard to explain, a feel of proud and joy mixed with kinda feeling that made me wanna cry. It's just his great attitude and hard work through his study years touched my heart. Abah couldn't afford to study in university when he was young because of money matters.Now, in his late forties he finally received Bachelor of Education (Mathematics), his dream of 20 years back then. I'm really proud of you,abah!

Actually the best part is about me riding Putra and Star with my parents and Imi for the first time. And it was the first time experience for my parents. Like what my mum jokingly said to my friends, "Tak kesahla pegi mana2 pun,asalkan dapat naik LRT". Haha. Then, kami jalan2 ke Sogo, Jalan Masjid India and KL Sentral. I realized that my mum loved so much being in Masjid India, the colourful kain baju kurung and tudung impressed her and I remember her saying " Lawanya baju2 kat sini,lain dengan kat Tangkak. Sayangnya,baju raya semua mak dh beli,siap dah tempah."

Seronoknyer...alhamdulillah (^_^)~

July 25, 2007

23 : Mesej Yang Tidak Diduga

Sebentar tadi,sedang aku tengah duk bukak page kt friendster,saje tengok2 page member2..tiba2 henset aku berbunyik..Then,aku pn bace r,sapela bagi mesej mlm2 ni

"Nad.Teko (bukan nama sebenar) amek arab.dia ada kat

Cis~~ tibe2 aku rase nak cekik2 je muka dia. Mesti derang tengah gelak2 dgn harapan aku akan jeles sbb aku asyik gelakkan derang je kene gi kls arab malam2. Lepas ni mesti derang lg semangat gi kelas tu. Huwaaaaaa saket ati..~~!!

tolong eh.mmg aku marah tp aku memang x jeles~~!!!! (berdebar nak tunggu derang balik dari kelas,mesti derang akn citer mcm2 nk wat aku jeles! Xpe,yang penting,aku nk cooolll je~~~) haha.adeyh..bilela nk jdk matured?

July 18, 2007

22 : Why love?


You gave me thousands hope
When everything seems to fall apart

You brought to me happiness
But only a glimpse of it

You told me not to cry
When he walks away

You made me so nervous
Whenever he's around

You made others laughed at me

You made others mad at me

You told me he's everything
When actually he's nothing

You scolded me when I feel like giving up
To love him

The worst is,
You made me thinking of nothing but HIM.

I Hate You So Much

love....that's why i hate you so much!

21: New

It's a brand new sem again. It's always good to be in the situation where the semester is about to begin because people used to think that we can start all over again at this time.It's like starting from zero. But just to feel good isn't enough. I have to work really hard so that the 'feel-good' will survive till the end of the semester which I never succeed before.

- positive thinking
- brave
- hardworking
- never care what people say as long as you are right
- matured ---> this is the hardest part (^_^")

This semester the world will see the brand new of me dignified with those mentioned above. Ahaha.. ops,I'm supposed to be serious..

Moga Allah permudahkan.

You Play it Cool
You're not in your face, smokin' hot... and it's all by design
You have a carefully crafted cool persona, leaving everyone wanting to know just a little more.