February 19, 2007

Thalatha : Terengganu guys =p

I dunno since when i do have this kinda weird feeling towards Tganu people. Especially guys la. Coz aku selalu tertarik kat orang2 tganu ni.ha ha. Tak tau la pulak apa yang spesel sangat diorang nih. Yang aku perasan la, orang tganu ni biasanya pemalu, matang dan suka buat lawak plus sweeeeet. ha ha. (ulat bulu dah naik.gatal giler).

1st time aku jejakkan kaki ke bumi Tganu masa join Special Technical Program fotr Petronas Scholar. 3 minggu aku habiskan masa di bumi Darul Iman tersebut. (mcm esei BM SPM lak) Mase 3 minggu tu dah cukup untuk buat aku jatuh cinta dengan keindahan dan ketenangan negeri Tganu. Pantainya..Tasik Kenyir..dan orang2 kat sana..Memang best! And i dun mind spending the rest of my life there! (what does that mean,huh?**wink**). ha ha. But whatever it is, jodoh pertemuan ajal maut adalah di tangan Tuhan =p

Atas: Tasik Kenyir , Bawah :Muzium Terengganu

p/s- Actually, this ulat-bulu-dah-naik-daun syndrom is caused by a sudden chit-chat with a Tganu guy through gtalk.ahah~ then u know why out of sudden i wanna talk about this Terengganu stuff.ha ha. But... Tganu people is really great.(not all,ok?so jangan ada yg perasan pulak =p) Am i rite? I think i need to talk to Sultan terengganu after this, ye r..he definitely has to pay me sumthing for writing this! ehehe..

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February 18, 2007

Ithnani: Chinese New Year

The title has nothing to do with me coz i never celebrate CNY ,wait..when i was a cute lil' child..i alwiz went to my chinese neighbour's house to go and get angpow during CNY...yeayy at least i do have sweet memories on CNY,rite?he he.

Actually today is a CNY holiday and everyone is gone. Except me and shima here at our beloved apartment (wow.apartment.i am great at making things sound extra great.do i?). Everyone is gone for their beloved hometowns. Hey..i'm not writing this to say that i'm homesick. That's not going to happen to a matured 20-year-old LADY like me.haha.now that i'm becoming a lady, i have to learn being like one. A fine lady can stand by her own feet,what i mean is she do need a family but she can survive without them around for quite a long time. Hey, now it's time to say goodbye for crying babies..hehe do i sound matured enough???

Today i learn sumthing. To know whether u r a lonely person or not. First, check out ur handphone. Do you receive any messages,call or even a missed call? Then, check out ur messnger list. For me, i'll check my yahoo and gtalk. See how many of ur fren is online. the most important part is, how many of them had buzzed u today? Now u can figure it out by urself...Are u a lonely person or not??I've done this to myself..and the result is..i'm not!! haha.coz i got one sms from tim and i had a chat with 2 person today..kak didi (my brother's girlfren.this is my first time chat with her and i have kind of feeling that she is trying hard to be closed to me.do all sumone's girlfren alwiz do that?) and abg zayd (erm..this abg zayd kan..i know..he only pm me when tim is not around! haha but never mind..i dun really care). see...i'm not a lonely person!

p/s- erm..i'm writing too much after quite a long time.actually..i really feel lonely today.that's why i'm doing all that crap above.haha.thanks to mr old fren who ignored me when i buzzed him at ym.mybe he's busy giving angpow rite now..but i wonder why he's being so cold lately?**sigh** okla i gonna stop this.

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